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Wircon and Hep announce Cooperation

Source: Date: 2017.09.25 Clicks:

Hep Capital and Wircon confirmed cooperation for joint implementation of solar projects. Wircon and associated professional partners will engage in the project development of major solar energy projects in Canada and the USA through the recently established fund of hep “Hep-Solar Projektentwicklung VI”.

The fund will develop a total of 200 MW of solar energy projects, which were already secured by Hep, until they are ready for construction in Canada and the USA. Essential project development stages of hep are securing the grid connection as well as the commercialization of the produced energy.

Upon the finalization of the project development, Wircon together with Hep will assume the responsibility for the completion and the grid connection of each project.

Wircon can draw on an excellent track record of international large-scale projects. The largest solar energy projects ever built in Denmark (60 MW) and in the Netherlands (30 MW) for instance, were realized by Wircon. Further, so far the most significant solar energy project of Australia (200 MW) is currently being built by Wircon. In total, Wircon and its brand Wirsol realized projects with more than 1,000 MW worldwide.

The cooperation partner Hep has so far developed and sold projects with an installed capacity of 150 MWp. Hep covers all significant market segments from financing to project development and the operation of solar facilities. Hep capital, the investment division of the group, taps into attractive opportunities for private and institutional investors on the worldwide solar market.