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Aalborg CSP wins another order for a solar heating plant in Denmark

Source: Date: 2017.08.25 Clicks:

Aalborg CSP, Danish renewable energy specialist landed a new order to deliver an 8MWthsolar-thermal plant, which when completed will provide sustainable heating for 2,583 customers in the Copenhagen area.

The solar field consisting of 11,312m2 flat solar-thermal collectors will be the fifth green project that the company delivers in the country, thereby contributing to Denmark’s ambitious targets to become fossil fuel free by 2050.

Aalborg CSP received the order from the combined heat and power plant (Smørum Kraftvarmeværk A.m.b.A.) to deliver an 8MWth solar heating plant that will reduce the facility’s natural gas dependency as well as stabilize energy prices. The 11,312 m2 solar field, which will be located in the town of Smørum, will consist of flat solar-thermal panels capable of producing 5,568 MWh heat annually. Aalborg CSP’s scope of supply also includes delivery of necessary technical installations and 2,2km long piping for energy transmission.

The solar heating plant is the fifth green project that the company builds in its home country. Most recently, the company has completed a 16.6MWthconcentrated solar power (CSP) plant in Denmark. Currently the plant produces heat only, but when the second phase of the project (a biomass-Organic Rankine Cycle system) also goes online in 2018, it will be the first one in the world to demonstrate how CSP can optimize efficiency of ORC even in areas with less sunshine.