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Senec grows in Italy

Source: Date: 2017.07.26 Clicks:

Senec, Energy-Storage-Producer from Leipzig (Germany), opened its own site in Bari and established a company with Senec Italia.

Norbert Schlesiger, Managing Director of the storage manufacturer from Leipzig: "The development of the Italian market has clearly exceeded our own expectations. We have therefore decided to found Senec Italia with its own location and its own company on the ground."

Altogether, five employees already serve the Italian customers directly. The location is to be further expanded in the short term.

According to Senec, the Italian market is very attractive: "We are among the few suppliers in Italy to meet the complex requirements of the Italian market and have obtained a certificate. In addition, we can already build on a very well developed network of partner installers. This has no other supplier", explains Schlesiger.

According to the Italian agency for renewable energies and the grid operator Terna, the expansion of photovoltaic systems in Italy has risen by 22 percent in 2016 compared to the previous year. This is due to the high electricity prices, which mean that consumers are increasingly supplied with favorable electricity from the sun. In 2016 photovoltaics already covered 7.2 percent of domestic electricity demand. The majority of the photovoltaic systems installed in 2016 were accounted for by private roof systems with up to 20 kilowatts and commercial systems of a maximum of 100 kilowatts.