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eTourEurope has achieved its goal

Source: Date: 2017.06.24 Clicks:

European electric car long-distance rally demonstrates vehicle reliability and fast-charging network in Europe

 The eTourEurope stands as a movement for cross-border eMOBILITY. With an impressive 3,600 kilometers more on the speedometer, all 14 teams arrived after 9 days at the finish line near Salzburg in Anif-Niederalm on the 18th of June 2017. The eMOBIL events placed all over the eTour attracted over 55,000 interested visitors across Europe.
Demonstration of the long-range reliability of todays electric vehicles
eTourEurope has achieved its goal. Once again, all the started vehicles arrived at the finish line and thus demonstrated the high reliability at international distances through the European countries. Especially in the compact class, the range has increased rapidly for the last three years. The top-of-the-range vehicles are now between 400 - 500 km. The fast-charging network in Europe has finally closed so that long distances with the electric car are possible for everyone in everyday life. International access to the pillars has also become much easier as well. This year, for the first time, the eTourEurope organization team was able to manage the tasks completely with 100% electric vehicles. eTourEurope has thus achieved the goals set three years ago.
Slovakia and Germany are the winners of eTourEurope
The winners of eTourEurope 2017 are determined: Jiří Bočánek and his brother Luděk from Team Czechoslovakia with his Tesla Model S in the open category did have the nose in front at the finish line. They were the fastest team of a total of eight tour participants in its category. The Czech team completed the 3,460 km long rating circuit with a travel time of 45 hours and 49 minutes with an average cruise speed of 75.5 km/h (driving including traffic jam, urban traffic and loading time).
In category C2 with a nominal range of up to 400 km, the LEMnet team with Heiner Sietas and Dirk Asmus won finally with their meticulously planned strategy. They were competing with five other teams. The long-term tour experience and the emphatic ambition of the German team paid off: They already have won the first place for the third time in four years. The two Hamburgers went for the tour with a Renault ZOE and needed a travel time of 50 hours and 23 minutes, achieving a remarkable average speed of 65.1 km/h. 
18 eMOBIL Events and eMeetingpoints - make eMOBILITY a reality!
Along the rally, eMOBIL events and eMeetingpoints presented the diversity of eMOBILITY. At these attractive events with over 100 exhibitors, the more than 55,000 visitors were able to experience eMOBILITY in all facets. Interested parties have tested the current e-vehicles in free test drives and experienced the fascinating driving sensation.
Numerous participants at "1000 EVs in motion!"
Werner Hillebrand-Hansen is particularly pleased with the "1000 EVs in motion!" Campaign. The enthusiastic participants came from all over Europe to the regional meetings around the eMOBIL events and eMeetingpoints. With their practical experience about the use of vehicles in everyday life they were answering the visitors questions in every detail. The positive spirit that eTourEurope's initiators and participants have met in every location was impressive. Everywhere in Europe, they were welcomed with open arms by the citizens, local authorities and political representatives, and the respective achievements of the teams and vehicles were honored. "