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Optimum Elevation Angle Flat Single Axle Tracker

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Optimum Elevation Angle Flat
Single Axle Tracker

The optimum elevation angle flat single axle tracker consists of a pair of postsand several wire ropes. The horizontal slew drives are mounted above the posts.

The wire ropes of both ends are respectively connected to the posts with slew drives. The solar panels are fixed on the wire ropes.


Key Features

  • Compared with profiles like alloy, carbon steel and stainless steel which are commonly applied in the traditional solar tracking system, our wire ropes tracking structure have the advantages of highly adaptable to the installation site, wide applicable range without terrain restrictions and more convenient.
  • Compared with production of the profiles, wire rope’s production cost is much lower, thus improving production efficiency and market competitiveness.
  • Each solar panel is fixed on the wire rope with a certain angle, so that the wind area is much smaller and also has its feature of disturbed flow.
  • The optimum elevation angle flat single axle tracker is equivalent to the oblique single axis structure. Based on different latitude, the solar panels are positioned on the wire ropes with the best elevation angle by adjusting the wire rope. The two horizontal slew drives at both ends make the system with optimum elevation angle rotating from east to west. With this structure, the generating efficiency is the same as that of oblique single-axis tracker which already have data show that 5% to 10% more efficiency than that of the flat single-axis.   



Patent name: wire ropes solar tracking system

Patent number: 201621226563.3

International patent name: a new type of the optimum tilt angle flat single-axis solar tracking system

International Patent number: PCT/CN2016/107717



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